Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who am I?

Hey, My name is Kamran but you will probably see me referring to myself as 'Kreksnaw' or 'Cyrox' on my blog posts since those are my nicknames. I am just some ordinary guy going to school and living in the states. I love all types of music and movies. I'm a very creative guy who does everything possible to make others happy locally and across the world. The whole purpose of this blog is to use it as a journal. I want to document important things that go on with me daily, and also to write editorials and reviews on current events, movies, and video games, things that I like. This blog is entirely for fun and anything I say should not be taken seriously. =)


  1. You've only had the blog up for ~2 days and you've already got 3 posts! I like where this is going.

  2. Hey Kamran, nice to meet you :]

  3. welcome to the community! good to see my friends hopping on the blogspot craze! do us all a favor and remove the captcha though, i don't think anyone will spam your page and it makes responding to your posts harder :(